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Asia Pacific Woodchip And Biomass Trade Conference And Field Trips

Shanghai, China
16 to 22 March 2020

DANA is delighted to be able to offer the most comprehensive package of a conference and two separate optional tours that we have ever previously been able to.

The "DANA China Week" commences with a one and a half day conference on the Asia Pacific Woodchip and Biomass Trade on March 16 & 17.

DANA has co-organised eight similar such events, and has attended more than a total of 15 since the 1990s, and so is well aware of the trade, the players, and the best selection of topics and presenters that programme delegates appreciate.

Immediately after the conference the first of two, 2- day optional field trips on March 18 & 19. This will be by bus up and return from Shanghai west to the Yangtze basin region and will include visits to the huge new wood import and processing port of Xinminzhou, major wood and flooring processing plants close by, imported eucalyptus log processing, an imported woodchip import receiving and storage facility, and to Taichan Port to see log imports from several countries and also (especially) sawn timber packets shipped by dozens of Chinese sawmills in a trade which is rapidly burgeoning to epic proportions.This tour will finish at Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai late afternoon of March 19.

The Second optional 2- tour (plus travel) on March 19-22 will commence soon after at Hongqiao Airport, with a flight to Harbin. After an overnight stay, delegates will take a train to the huge wood receiving and processing centre of Suifenhe on the Russia China border in Heilongjiang province. This massive cross border "inland port" received seven million cubic metres of logs and lumber in 2018. After an overnight stay in Suifenhe and a further series of visits to wood processing facilities, delegates will retrace their steps by train and plane back to Shanghai.

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2020 Russian Forest Industry Sector Conference and Field Trip

Helsiniki, Finland
26 to 29 May 2020

DANA has joined with the respected Russian information Company Whatwood to hold our inaugural Russian Forest Industry Sector Outlook Conference in Helsinki, Finland on 26 and 27 May 2020. The event will take place at the Hilton Helsinki Strand Hotel.

DANA Director Dennis Neilson and Moscow based Whatwood Director Igor Novoselov are collaborating to ensure the topics and speakers for this conference will be first class. Dennis was the lead author of the 2019 Fast Markets RISO 500 page, PowerPoint style Report: Russian Timber: A Growing Force in World Trade.

Immediately after the conference a two day optional Field Trip is planned, with visits to harvesting and wood processing equipment manufacturers who sell to Russia (and in fact to the rest of the world); and to mills using some of this equipment.

We have chosen Helsinki to be the conference venue location as:

- It makes it easier for international delegates to travel to largely visa-free Finland
- Helsinki is only 3 hours by frequent fast train to St Petersburg and Moscow and other Russian cities
- It is much easier to complete a two day post-conference field trip in Finland to visit several equipment manufacturers of forest harvesting and wood processing equipment, and to mill using that equipment
- With all of these companies also exporting equipment to the world so of interest to international as well as Russian delegates.

We welcome and encourage all potential delegates to register for both this major international conference on 26 and 27 May, and the field trip on 28 and 29 May

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Rotten To The Core

Cover image Rotten To The CoreThe inside story of New Zealand's looming leaky home catastrophe.

DANA's startling new Review
- What caused most of the carnage?
- Was it preventable?
- Who tried to stop the Rot?
- Who ignored their pleas?
- Who covered it up?
- Who is accountable?
- Why is New Zealand still in denial?
- What cost $30 billion or $100 Billion? You decide
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